About Us


At Unika, we understand that investing in property is a huge commitment that can be become complicated real fast. Our mission, therefore, is to create the most intuitive and user friendly website that makes real estate as simple as possible.

For our customers, we put all your property needs right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a young professional interested in renting an apartment, an entrepreneur looking for commercial space for your dream business, or a married couple looking to build your home for your family, we got you covered.

For our clients, we bring you one step closer to your customers. We present your properties elegantly, highlight your finest agents, and give your listings the proper exposure they need to sell. Whether you’re a client, developer, or customer, we are devoted to you and determined to giving you the top notch service you deserve.



Hottest Listings

We have everything that you could ever need from a property site. Apartments, houses, commercial spaces,and even uncompleted projects. Whoever you are, there something just for you.



With our verification feature,we send our team to inspect various properties to see if everything is up to speed.So be assured that properties that have been verified are authentic.


Expert Guidance

Do you have any questions on how to buy a home, rent an apartment, or what the property tax is? Our team of experts is here and dedicated to answering any questions you have about real estate.